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Group Seats Overview

The number of seats associated with your export compliance training account is initially defined by the number purchase when the account was established. You can add users to your group(s) up to the total number student seats you have available. You will need to purchase more seats once your limit is reached and you want to add more users to a group.

Establishing a Group subscription account on the Excelerate LMS site can be accomplished in one of two ways: 1.  By creating the new account on the LMS site directly or, 2.  By Excelerate creating the new account for you.

The method to add more seats is different depending on the method used to establish the account.  This is due to the plugin requirements associated with how the software must manage users and how subscriptions are managed in the accounting portion of the LMS site. This is only associated with adding seats. All other functions are the same regardless of how the account was established.

If you established your account on the Excelerate LMS site directly then you can add students to the account from the Group Leader dashboard which are prorated to account start date. If Excelerate established your account, then additional seats can be added by Excelerate or you can add seats by using the add seats option on the menu.

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