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Adding Multiple Users

Student Users can be added to the group up to the limit allocated number of users for that group.  This is done in one of two ways – by adding the user information directly or by sending an enrollment key to the user so that they can provide the information and use the key to register with the group. 

Another option, similar to adding users directly, is to upload the user information in bulk using a CSV file.

These three options are found under the “Users” pull-down menu in the Enrolled Users section of the Group Leader Management page as shown in the following figure:

There are two options to add multiple users to the group.  You can add them individually by selecting “Add multiple” or upload them using a CSV file by selecting “Upload users”.

Adding Multiple Users Directly

You will be presented with the following form when selecting “Add multiple” in the pull-down Users menu.

The Bulk Add form works the same way is the add single user function.  Once you click the Add & Invite users button, an email is sent to the users informing them that they were added to the group and information on how to login.  The users are added to the list of users in the group and they take up a seat in your group, and their status is set to Not Started.  If you add  users that already exists on the site, the system will automatically assign a key, add them to the group, and send the existing user email to the person.

Add Multiple Users by CSV File

You will be presented with the following form if you select “Upload Users” from the Users drop-down menu.

The second option is to upload student names using a CSV file formatted with the following column order and headings: user_email; user_pass; first_name; last_name.  CSV files that have incorrect formatting of email addresses, column names, etc will not be uploaded.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use the column heading names exactly as shown above and in that order. Also, if you are using Microsoft Excel, save the CSV file as a “CSV UTF-8” formatted file instead of the standard CSV file. You will be allowed to add students to the limit of the available seats associated with the group. A random password will be generated if the password column is blank.

You can download a sample CSV file by selecting “Download a sample CSV file” at the bottom of the form.  If the user_pass cells are blank, a random password will be used, but the column heading must still be included.  

A column for “username” can optionally be included as the first column but is not required; if it exists but is left blank, username will default to the email address.

If you click Users > Add multiple,  the Bulk Add & Invite Users form (added in version 2.6) appears.

Users added by CSV file  will receive the same email as the single user entry.  When completed,  users are added to the list of users in the group and they take up a seat in your group, and their status is set to Not Started.

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