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Export Compliance Training

Your Practical Approach to Export Compliance Training Prepared and Presented by Industry Experts


Effective web based training for everyone anywhere at anytime

Full LMS

Learning Management System option for effective training management


Need based training for Exporters, Non-Exporters, and Non-USA requirement


Content is maintained to ensure compliance with the ITAR and EAR

Export Compliance E-Learning

Excelerate provides a practical e-learning experience for the action packed topic of U.S. Export Compliance.  There are four training courses separated into three categories that allow tailoring to exactly the type of training you need.  The training is provided in power point video presentation style based on our extensive experience and knowledge of the ITAR and EAR.

You have the option of taking each course as a single viewing or extending the bundle of  courses into a Learning Management System (LMS) subscription.  If you want to fill an auditorium with staff to watch employee training then just purchase the single view and enjoy.  If you would rather assign courses to employees, manage their progress, generate reports, and maintain records then select the LMS option.

Below are details on the course structure and organizational categories to help you decide which options work for your situation.  Determining your training category as an Exporter, Non-Exporter, or Non-USA is the first course of action.  Each course is tailored to a specific category.

Course content will be updated regularly with new courses added based on requests and our commitment to include depth and quality of your training experience.

We are glad you are here and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Export Compliance Courses

Administration:  Detailed training for personnel who will administer export compliance in an organization.

Employee:  Training for staff and employees throughout an organization.

New Hire:  Quick overview of export compliance for new hires.

Refresher:  A yearly Export Compliance update for those that previously completed training.

LMS Courses
LMS Org Diagram PNG

Compliance Training Categories

Exporter:  An organization that will obtain export approvals in association with their international work.

Non-Exporter:  Has the need to be export compliant but will not obtain export approvals directly.

Non-USA:  Export compliance training for Non-USA organizations.  

Access to Training

Single View:  View the training course one time.

Learning Management System (LMS):  Access to full set of training courses in each category.  The Group Leader can assign, manage, and obtain reports regarding export compliance training in an organization.

LMS Access

Three Decisions to Tailor Your Training Experience

  • 1. Are you a U.S. or Non-U.S. organization?

    U.S. and Non-U.S. organizations will have a different focus to their ITAR and EAR training.  Both will receive the same background information and  safeguarding requirements but different content related to approvals and export activities. 

  • 2. Are you an exporter or non-exporter?

    An "Exporter" is a organization that will obtain export approvals in association with their international work.  "Non-Exporters" may have a requirement to be export compliant or may receive export controlled commodities, data, or services, but will not be obtaining export approvals directly.  Choose "Exporter" if you are unsure.  All Non-U.S. organizations will be "Non-Exporters".

  • 3. Choose the LMS option or one-time viewing?

    The Learning Management System (LMS) allows a Group Leader to assign, manage, and generate reports related to export compliance training within an organization.  Single view allows lets you take a specific course one time.  

Ex Training 1

Course Overview

Below are links to each of the course overviews.  Each will provide information on the content of each course related to the category.  You can purchase the LMS or Single View courses on the course overview or or pricing pages.  The LMS option will require you add the number of students. Student quantities can be modified on the "My Account" page.

Have more questions?

Reach out and let us know how we can help - we enjoy hearing from you!

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