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Adding Seats – Account Created by Excelerate

If your account was created by Excelerate then most like it was done by purchase order or something similar.  If this is the situation, then the LMS group management and account management plugins do not know each exists and the Add Seats button will not be displayed.  So, we created an Add LMS Users page where you can add seats to your account very easily.  Just navigate to the Manage menu item and select Add LMS Users from the drop-down menu as shown in the figure.

Once selected, you will be taken to the Add Users page you can select either the U.S. or Non-U.S. training option which will add the appropriate training items to your cart.  Just select the number of additional users you need and complete the order by checking out.The new quantity of seats will be added to your account as a new subscription.

Let us know how you want to new seats allocated and we will quickly update the group(s) totals in your account.

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