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Stay Export Compliant

The export authorities at DDTC and BIS require export compliance training for all employees in an organization involved with export-controlled articles, technical data, and services.  This doesn’t mean that the organization needs to be engaging in exporting but simply produces, receives, or managements export-controlled items. 

The logic behind their recommendation is sound in that if what you do is export controlled then everyone in the organization needs to understand how to safeguard export-controlled articles, data, and services.  An export violation by anyone in an organization can have significant consequences.  Everyone in your organization must be aware of what is export controlled and how to control it.  That is the essence of export compliance. 

The zero-risk option for export compliance is our LMS training where you assign New Hire training as part of your in-processing procedures then follow-up with Employee training after a short period of time.  All current employees would first take the Employee course then the Refresher annually thereafter.  Those in senior management or who are involved with the management of export compliance would take the Administrator course.  The LMS would maintain the training records of completion so that you could verify all people in your company successfully completed the course required.  That is the zero-risk scenario since you can show DDTC or BIS that everyone was properly trained with the records to prove it. 

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