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What we found is that organizations need training for management and staff who will administer export compliance in an organization and a less involved version of training for everyone else.  This is why we created the Administrator and Employee training courses.

The Administrator course provides the details for establishing an Export Compliance Program (ECP) required by DDTC and BIS.  We walk you through the entire process so that you are aware of the requirements and can make plans on how to administer export compliance in your organization.  A snippet of the Administration Course can be found at the left top of the Administrator Course page. The Employee course provides the level of detail needed for staff to understand their role in the compliance process.  It is not heavy on the implementation but focuses on what export compliance is and how to keep the company on the right side of the export regulations.

We also developed a New Hires video that can be shown during new hire orientation and a Refresher course for those that successfully completed the Administrator or Employee Courses.  The New Hire course is like the Brief Overview found under “Free Stuff” and provides a very quick orientation to export compliance.  The Refresher course is like the Employee course but includes an overview of changes to the regulations that may affect export compliance along with a review of export compliance in general.

What is important to note is that we don’t implement a scare tactic as we have seen with other trainers.  Instead, we inform and communicate the reasons why it is important for the U.S. and a requirement for continued work under the export regulations.  We pride ourselves in taking a practical approach to export compliance education which probably stems from our basis in engineering and technology.

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