Export Compliance LMS Annual Subscription for USA

From: $400.00 one time, and
$25.00 / year / User

The LMS Bundle includes the training courses for Administrators, Employees, and New Hires along with an annual Refresher course.  Our Learning Management System (LMS) allows the Group Leader to manage training by assigning courses, monitoring progress, and generating reports.

Pricing for the LMS Bundle includes a one-time fee of $400 along with the $25 per user per year subscription price based on the number of users.  The automatic annual subscription renewal option is automatically enabled for your account so that your organization maintains access to the required courses each year.  Automatic renewal can be disabled in your account settings.

The person establishing the account will be assigned as the LMS Group Leader for your organization.

Please select the number of users for your account below.

Please select the number of users for your Group LMS account:

$25.00 each / year / User

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